How to Find a Fraternity to Join

By | 2013/04/09

Joining a fraternity is an act which many university and college students do. The reason for this is that fraternities offer a support structure for academics and integration into campus life. However, there are certain steps which must be completed before you join.
Signing up for rush
Rush is the time of year when fraternities accept bids to join from the student body. This time only comes around at the beginning of the year so you need to sign up then. Students who have signed up to rush will be able to visit the fraternity houses before they make a bid to join. If you miss this time then there is a chance that you will still be able to join a house. If the house does not receive enough pledges during this time they will host events to get people to join.
Visiting the houses
During rush you will be invited to the fraternity houses and it is recommended that you visit all the ones you are interested in. These visits allow you to determine whether or not the fraternity will suit you. While you are visiting the houses you should meet with some of the fraternity members. Ask them about the house and find out how they feel about the fraternity. You should also ask them about the kinds of activities you will be obligated to do once you join. Many fraternities complete community service to help their community. When talking to the members remember to ask about what it’s like to live in the house. Once you join a fraternity you will be living with the members for the remainder of your schooling so make sure you fit in and like the other members.
Choosing the fraternity
Once you have visited all the houses it is time to submit your choices to the rush board. The rush board generally provides all the students who signed up a ballot card. These cards detail how you should list the houses you wish to join. Once you have listed the houses you need to submit the ballot to the rush board. When short listing the fraternities you should take into account how well they fit your personality, if you are interested in the activities they do and whether or not you will be able to live in the house. Some fraternities do not have houses which allow you the freedom to choose where you live.
Pledging to the fraternity
Once you have submitted your choices to the rush board you simply have to wait to hear from them. The rush board will notify the houses you wish to join and the houses will make a decision based on what they know about you. If you are chosen for a house you will need to visit the fraternity and find out what tasks and chores you need to complete before you are a member. While completing these tasks you will be a pledge member and will not have the full benefits of membership.