As the school year begins, rush is upon us. Rush is a period for you to meet the brothers and to get to know us better on an individual basis. By throwing events for our rushes to attend, we hope to provide an opportunity for you to get to know the brothers better and to learn more about the fraternity

Many minority students go throughout their college careers focusing on their academic careers, occasionally befriending a few individuals, and move on with their lives with few lasting memories of their college days. They struggle to find a niche of friends, a sense of belonging in the vast new environment of a college campus. The University sometimes do not provide the opportunities to meet the people you have most in common with, people whom you share the same goals and interests with. Often, minority students graduate with a sense of emptiness. The years throughout your college days should be the most memorable and enjoyable experience of one’s life. It is the time to meet people and make the most out of being independent for the first time in your life. These four years should not be wasted concentrating on only certain aspects of college. Life is full of possibilities.

The first and only national Asian American interest fraternity, can open numerous doors for you both now and many years down the road. We are a social / service fraternity with Asian American concerns and interests in mind. We aim to serve our community and university to the fullest of our abilities, along with providing Asian Awareness throughout. A common ground for men with similar goals and beliefs to come together and unite as one. Together as one, we can better channel our energy towards many charitable causes and beneficial events. As one, we can stand our ground on many issues and make the changes that we deem necessary. Aside with helping our community and furthering the goals of our founding fathers, here are some other great things about Lambda Phi Epsilon National Fraternity, Inc.

Rush is a period for you to meet the brothers get to know us better on an individual basis. It is important for you to come to each of our scheduled events due to the limited two week rush period. So come out, get to know us, and ask plenty of questions!!